Thanks for another great season!

A great big

to all trail users

who supported West Elk Trails Inc with your donations!

On Saturday, Tod Tibbetts pulled the remainder of stakes and signs on the trails and at the trailhead. Though we struggled through the lack of snow this season, thanks to our workers the trails held up until the first week of Spring.

Thank you Aaron Mattix for your master grooming skills!

Thank you Mary and Marty Gervais for your help with stakes, signs, and shoveling!

Thank you Tod Tibbetts for packing the trails, keeping the equipment running,
and making sure the bills get paid!

Thank you Peggy Tibbetts for posting trail conditions on the blog!

See you next season!

Did you forget to donate to the West Elk trails?

There’s still time! 

Voluntary membership fee is $30 per individual and $50 per couple.
The voluntary membership fee is a grooming fee — not a user fee.
Every dollar goes toward the costs of trail maintenance and equipment.
Your end of season donation will help ensure the future of West Elk winter recreation trails.

Please donate today!

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St. Patrick’s Day with Mary and Marty

Mary and Marty Gervais shared their photos from an epic St. Patrick’s Day on the trails with friends.

Mary said:

“Friends from Silverthorne enjoy both Aaron’s nice grooming in Kay’s and the powder on Eric’s this weekend. Roadie Retriever so happy he made a snow dog angel!”

Wednesday with Mary and Marty

Mary and Marty Gervais skied all the main trails and shared their day in photos. This could get to be a thing! That’s their dog Scruffy enjoying a day in the woods.

They report 1.5 inches new snow on top of groomed trails.

Volunteer members Mary and Marty are helping out with stakes and shoveling. Their help and photos are much appreciated!

Kay’s Loop

Trail Conditions

1.5 inches new snow on top of these conditions

  • Hwy 819
    Groomed, track set
  • Kay’s Loop
    Groomed, track set
  • Zeus’s Cutoff
    Machine packed
  • East Cutoff
    Tracked snow over machine packed
  • Eric’s Loop

Eric’s Loop

Eric’s Loop



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