Eric’s Loop is packed!

Saturday,  January 13

Temps were in the low thirties today with sunny skies. About 6-8 inches of new snow on the trails this week since last weekend.

Trail Conditions

  • Hwy 819
    Wide, machine packed
  • Kay’s Loop
    Wide, machine packed (see photo below)
  • Eric’s Loop
    Narrow, machine packed, early season hazards exist (see photo above)

Tod Tibbetts opened up Eric’s Loop today. There were two trees down on the hill just off the triangle split with Kay’s.  He cleared those out with his chainsaw. He ran the Bearcat twice around Eric’s Loop. Tod said the snow is skiable but the trail is still a little uneven. Please use caution!

After inspecting the trails today, we decided it’s too soon to bring up the ginzugroomer. There is good snow cover on Kay’s Loop and Eric’s Loop. But the ruts need more snow cover on Hwy 819. And there isn’t enough snow cover in the meadow to run the Bearcat on Zeus’s Cutoff.

What snow we do have is pretty swell. Trail conditions are very good thanks to Aaron Mattix. He has worked wonders with the Bearcat taking good advantage of the snowpack.

Go outside and play!

Keep snow dancing!


SNOW !!!

And more snow on the way!

Aaron Mattix and Alison Birkenfeld scoped out the trails on Sunday, January 7, and were pleasantly surprised.  Check out their photos from Sunday. Looks like about 6-8 inches of new snow.

Aaron was so excited he took the Bearcat up today, January 8, and packed Hwy 819 and Kay’s Loop.

Aaron reports that Alison broke trail on Eric’s Loop. She said there was decent coverage, but there’s one tree down near the split from Kay’s Loop. We should be able to get that cleared this weekend.

With more snow on the way, Aaron plans to pack trails again on Friday, January 12.

Think snow!



Thank you Bruce and Ron!

Dry, warm weather on the weekend provided the perfect conditions for clearing deadwood on the West Elk trails. On Saturday, Bruce Kime and Ron Reed cleared the big dead trees that had fallen on Eric’s Loop. The trails are officially ready for winter.

Bruce is the executive director for West Elk Trails. He volunteers countless hours on trail maintenance as well as spearheading our fundraising efforts.

Ron Reed of New Castle is a long-time volunteer member of West Elk Trails Inc. Last year he received the Bristlecone Mountain Sports Award for Outstanding Stewardship from Wilderness Workshops.

On Saturday, Ron Reed used his chainsaw to break up one of the fallen trees on Eric’s Loop. [Photo by Bruce Kime]

We are thankful to have outstanding volunteers like Bruce and Ron!

Ensure your winter recreation fun on the West Elk trails!

Voluntary membership fee is $30 per individual and $50 per couple. The voluntary membership fee is a grooming fee — not a user fee. Every dollar goes toward the costs of trail maintenance and equipment. A small price to pay for groomed trails in the back country.

Click here to print West Elk Trails Inc Membership Form

Remember West Elk Trails Inc is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.
All voluntary membership fees and donations are tax deductible!

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