Snow in the air on the West Elk Trails

From Peggy Tibbetts:

There was snow in the air up on the West Elk Trails on Saturday, September 30, which also happened to be National Public Lands Day.

Tod and I took the CJ out on the trails to do a little maintenance. Even Odin joined in the fun!

Plenty of thunder & lightning and rain mixed with snow followed us out to Eric’s Loop.

A lot of big dead trees came down last summer.
More than usual. We cleared trails as far as the winding trail down to the gully. There are 5 big trees down on that section. We didn’t have the equipment or manpower to clear those. Plus there’s a dead aspen bending over the trail that will need to come down. So there’s still a lot more work to be done. However today is the first day of rifle hunting season which lasts through November 19, so we will be clearing trails after hunting season ends and before ski season begins.


Saturday, April 1

Stakes and posts were pulled  today. Tod Tibbetts, Aaron Mattix, and Bruce Kime hauled the ginzugroomer off the snow, and so grooming operations have ended for the season.

Snow conditions deteriorated rapidly this past week. A few bare spots on Hwy 819 and Kay’s Loop. Eric’s Loop is no longer passable due to snowmelt and mud.

See you next season!


Snowpack is still holding

Aaron Mattix did a final trail grooming on Friday.

Thank you Aaron! You did a fantastic job this season!

About 3 to 5 inches of new snow over the weekend.

The trail from the trailhead to the groomer parking area is pretty rough but passable. Otherwise great snow conditions for spring skiing on Hwy 819, Zeus’s Cutoff, East Cutoff, and Kay’s Loop.

Trail Conditions

  • Hwy 819
    Groomed past the Ginzugroomer parking area
  • Kay’s Loop
  • Zeus’s Cutoff
  • East Cutoff
  • Eric’s Loop
    Not passable through the gully due to snowmelt
  • James’s Loop

Enjoy those groomed trails while you still can!

Grooming operations have ended for the season.

Signs and stakes will be pulled on April 1. Volunteers needed!

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