Saturday, December 30

Temps were in the low 40s at the trailhead today. Way too warm. Skies were partly cloudy with 10-15 mph wind gusts.

As you can see, trail conditions are deteriorating rapidly. The good news is what little snow there is remains soft, not icy. Though there are plenty of rocks and bare spots to dodge. Hwy 819 and Kay’s Loop are skiable due to the snowmobile trail. But this won’t last long.

But the news isn’t all bad. Henrik and Odin enjoyed the snow and had a great ski together.

We need snow.



Thursday, December 28

Aaron Mattix packed trails with the Bearcat today. He packed Hwy 819 and Kay’s Loop.

The snow isn’t deep but at least it’s not melting. Bring your rock skis. The base is thin so the rocks are covered but they are there,  as well as other early-season hazards.

Snow for Christmas!

Odin says, “Get out the Bearcat! It’s time to pack these trails.”

The slightly annoying snow dancer on yesterday’s post worked its magic.  About 8-10 inches fell overnight on the West Elk trails. Temps were in the mid-20s with light snow flurries, and no wind at the trailhead.

As you can see the snow is still thin in open areas. But there’s enough to start packing the trails with the Bearcat. Not enough to bring out the groomer. We still need two more snow events like this in order to run the ginzugroomer. Aaron will begin packing trails on Thursday, December 28. In the meantime Tod broke trail around Kay’s Loop.

If you enjoy making fresh tracks on skis or snowshoes, the snow isn’t too deep. Now is the time to get up to the trailhead before Aaron runs the Bearcat. Bring your rock skis. There’s no base so the rocks are covered but they are there,  as well as other early-season hazards.

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Voluntary membership fee is $30 per individual and $50 per couple. The voluntary membership fee is a grooming fee — not a user fee. Every dollar goes toward the costs of trail maintenance and equipment. A small price to pay for groomed trails in the back country.

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