Saturday, February 17


The Bearcat that pulls the ginzugroomer is in the shop for repairs. Please donate today!

It’s still winter on the West Elk Trails!

In total last week the trails saw 18-24 inches of new snow. Thanks to Eric Boley for bringing up his driftbuster and manual tracker to help Aaron dig out on Friday!

Sunny and low 30s today at the trailhead with a stiff 10-15 mph wind out of the west.

Trail Conditions

The snow is cold, soft, and deep.

  • Hwy 819
    Machine packed, track set
  • Kay’s Loop
    Machine packed, track set
  • Zeus’s Cutoff
    Machine packed, track set
  • East Cutoff
    Machine packed
  • Eric’s Loop
    Machine packed

More snow in the forecast for Monday!

Check out these photos. Even without the ginzugroomer, Aaron and Eric did an amazing job! Thanks guys!

Kay’s Loop

Kay’s Loop

Do you love those those nice groomed back country trails?

Show your love for winter recreation on the West Elk trails!

And help pay for the Bearcat repairs!

Voluntary membership fee is $30 per individual and $50 per couple.
The voluntary membership fee is a grooming fee — not a user fee.
Every dollar goes toward the costs of trail maintenance and equipment.
A small price to pay for groomed trails in the back country.

Click here to print West Elk Trails Inc Membership Form

Hwy 819 & Kay’s Loop


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