Friday, February 2

Lots of shovel work done on Eric’s Loop today.

Thank you Aaron Mattix, and Mary and Marty Gervais!

Shovel work on Eric’s Loop [Photo by Aaron Mattix]

Groomer’s Report from Aaron Mattix

Marty & Mary were welcome help on shoveling Erik’s loop, and getting more lath distributed.

After Marty’s help shoveling out the worst of the off-camber spots, I was able to drag the groomer over Erik’s twice, which leveled out the base nicely. However, the snow is very thin in several spots, so it will take more snowfall before the groomer can make any more laps.

I set track on on 819, Kay’s loop, and some of the meadow sections. As the snow was soft from melting, it set up nicely, and with the freeze tonight, should be some prime skiing Saturday morning.



Trail Conditions

  • Hwy 819
    Groomed, track set
  • Kay’s Loop
    Groomed, track set
  • Zeus’s Cutoff
    Machine packed
  • East Cutoff
    Tracked snow over machine packed
  • Eric’s Loop

Shovel work and machine packing on Eric’s Loop [Photo by Aaron Mattix]

Ginzugroomer on Kay’s Loop [Photo by Aaron Mattix]

Groomed and track set on Hwy 819 [Photo by Marty Gervais]


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