Saturday, March 18

The snow cover is melting in the gully on Eric’s Loop

Aaron Mattix packed and groomed trails on Friday. Thank you Aaron!

No new snow this week.

Aaron reports: “Snow cover has melted down quite a bit; very soft and mushy off the packed trail.”

Trail Conditions

  • Hwy 819
    Groomed past the Ginzugroomer parking area — track set
    Machine packed from Trailhead to intersection with Zeus’s Cutoff
  • Kay’s Loop
    Groomed — track set
  • Zeus’s Cutoff
  • East Cutoff
  • Eric’s Loop
    Machine packed
  • James’s Loop
    Machine packed to hilltop
    Machine packed  on 820 to the turn to the cow cabin

  Skis or snowshoes only!

Grooming operations will continue through March. Signs and stakes will be pulled on April 1. Volunteers needed!

Enjoy those groomed trails while you still can!


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