Wow! It’s still Winter on the West Elk trails

Posted On February 11, 2017

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It’s back!

About 8 inches of snow fell overnight and into today, Saturday, February 11.

Temps were between 27 and 29 degrees at the trailhead with gusty winds up to 10 mph along Hwy 819 and in the meadow. Snow squalls continued through the day. Tod Tibbetts took the Bearcat out and machine packed all the trails, except James’s Loop.  The snow is not powdery but it is lighter than we expected with all the warmth and rain in the valley. Snow squalls are expected to continue on the Flat Tops through tonight and tomorrow.

Trail Conditions

  • Hwy 819
    Machine packed
  • Kay’s Loop
    Machine packed
  • Zeus’s Cutoff
    Machine packed
  • Eric’s Loop
    Machine packed
  • NEW! East Cutoff
    Machine packed
  • James’s Loop

Skis or snowshoes only!


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