Friday, January 27

Kay's Loop

Kay’s Loop

Trail Conditions

  • Hwy 819
    Groomed past the Ginzugroomer parking area
    Track set
    Machine packed from Trailhead to intersection with Zeus’s Cutoff
  • Kay’s Loop
    Groomed  — Track set
  • Zeus’s Cutoff
    Groomed — Track set
  • Eric’s Loop
  • James’s Loop
    Tracked with snowshoes
  • NEW! East Cutoff
    Groomed — Track set

Skis or snowshoes only!

Over 12 inches of snow accumulated up on the West Elk trails since last weekend. Trailhead temps were in the single digits with plenty of sunshine. A crew of three — Aaron Mattix, Tod Tibbetts, and Bruce Kime — tracked, shoveled, staked, packed, and groomed trails all day. The results are absolutely epic trail conditions!

Check out the East Cutoff trail. It’s new to some of you. And a return for long-time trail users. The East Cutoff trail completes the circle from Zeus’s Cutoff to Eric’s Loop to East Cutoff back to Hwy 819.

The return of the East Cutoff Trail

The return of the East Cutoff Trail

James’s Loop is now tracked, staked and well-marked by Bruce Kime. He has done an amazing job of keeping the trail open in all this snow. He tracked the entire 3-mile route twice this week! Thanks Bruce!

Check out his photos from today’s trek.

The entrance to James's Loop

The entrance to James’s Loop

The Hwy 819 entrance to James’s Loop has been machine packed to the top of the hill. Also CR 820 from the Buford Road to the top of the hill above the cow cabin has been machine packed. Snowshoes are recommended on James’s Loop.


Cow cabin on James’s Loop. CR 820 intersects above the cabin, and is machine packed.


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