Saturday, January 21


The powder was fantastic on Eric’s Loop today! However after a fun ski, Tod Tibbetts did run the Bearcat around Eric’s Loop to pack the snow.

Bruce Kime tracked James’s Loop with snowshoes and set out some markers and stakes. Thank you Bruce!

Snow fell all day long, at times quite heavily. Temps were in the mid-20s with a light wind.

Aaron Mattix groomed Hwy 819, Kay’s Loop, and Zeus’s Cutoff on Friday. About 3 inches accumulated on top of that.

Snow showers are predicted off and on through Tuesday. Next weekend will be a big work weekend beginning Friday, January 27. We need volunteers to shovel snow to level out a few trouble spots on Eric’s Loop so we can run the Ginzugroomer. Can you help? Call Tod Tibbetts: 970-366-6857

Trail Conditions

  • Hwy 819
    Groomed past the ginzugroomer parking area
    Not groomed from the trailhead to the intersection of Zeus’s Cutoff
  • Kay’s Loop
  • Zeus’s Cutoff
  • Eric’s Loop
    Packed with Bearcat
  • James’s Loop
    Tracked with snowshoes

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