Sunday, January 15

Eileen Wysocki reports:

Hi Trail Users,

FYI, my husband and I broke trail on James’s Loop today, so if you follow our tracks, it’s a fully packed loop now (at least until the next big snow). We went counter-clockwise and the downhill was already packed, but when we hit the creek at the bottom of the drainage, the tracks went to the right. We followed them for a bit until we realized we weren’t going the correct way, and we also saw that the tracks were from a skier/boarder who had come down a steep slope. We back-tracked and then realized the rest of the normal loop was completely untracked. We broke trail to the cabin, met up with the road, and continued breaking trail almost the entire way back uphill. The last 1/2 mile or so was packed by another snowshoer. Anyway, it might be good to have another sign or flagging at the bottom of the drainage where you need to turn left and start heading toward the cabin so people don’t get lost. Just a thought. Great workout though, and a wonderful day!

Peggy Tibbetts responds:

Thanks Eileen and Glenn! What a workout! Bet it was gorgeous.

Yes, that left turn is a problem. We just haven’t had enough volunteers to get trail markers out on James’s Loop.  Now that you tracked it, we should be able to get some stakes and posts out there.


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