New Year’s Eve

Thanks again to Aaron Mattix and Bruce Kime for excellent trail grooming on Friday. Look at these beautiful groomed trails!


Now look what happens when people walk with boots on the nice groomed trails.


Trail users must wear skis or snowshoes on the groomed trails. These are winter ski trails. NOT hiking trails!

Please respect our dedicated volunteers’ hard work and long hours spent grooming these trails, as well as the costs of grooming and maintaining these trails.

Rent cross country skis and snowshoes at these locations in Glenwood Springs:

Blue Sky Ski Rental and Repair
114 6th St. Next door to Sioux Villa Curio

Sunlight Ski and Bike Shop
Located at 309 9th St.

Tod Tibbetts put out most trail signs and stakes today. We will finish setting stakes tomorrow.

The trails are in good to excellent condition. Heavy foot traffic on Hwy 819 to Dorothy’s View has roughed up the trail so it’s no longer smooth and is rutted in some spots. Kay’s Loop is excellent with a ski track shown in the first photo above. Eric’s is smooth and fast, but as you can see boot tracks are punching up that smooth trail.

Enjoy the trails on skis or snowshoes!



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