Saturday, December 17


Three feet of snow and chilly weather made the trail opening a challenge. The last storm dumped close to 3′ of high moisture snow on almost bare ground.  Snowshoers had knee to thigh deep snow to trudge through breaking trail on Kay’s Loop.  The snowmobiles were able to pack Hwy 819 and up Kay’s loop just past Dorothy’s View.  There is a snowshoe packed trail around the rest of Kay’s Loop.  We’ll be working on finishing the snowmobile packing of Hwy 819 and Kay’s Loop on Sunday.

The forecast is for sunshine but chilly temps.  Today it was 6 degrees with a 20 mph wind.  Dress for blizzard conditions and watch out for frostbite.  It is great snow to play around in and should be a nice ski tomorrow.  Eric’s Loop is untracked and will be a great workout for some hearty snowshoers.

The trails are not yet marked.  We’ll be working to get markers out and run the groomer on both Hwy 819 and Kay’s Loop next Friday.

Enjoy the Snow!


One Response to “Saturday, December 17”

  1. John M Leybourne


    I would like to get myself and my son who is 8 involved in maintaining the trail system you guys have established. both monetary and with boots on the ground. How can we help?

    John Leybourne

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