Saturday, February 20, 2016

West Elk trail 02-20-16

Temps were in the high 30s to low 40s with clear skies and sunshine. A light breeze with gusts up to 10 mph. Tod Tibbetts groomed Hwy 819 from the intersection of Zeus’s Cutoff, around Kay’s Loop and including Zeus’s Cutoff. There were several branches and trees down on the trail. Tod and Peggy Tibbetts cleared all but one tree on Eric’s Loop. See below.

Do not track mud on the trails!

West Elk no foot traffic 02-20-16


Hikers/runners please respect all trail closures!

Hwy 819
Groomed past the ginzugroomer parking area
Not groomed from the trailhead to the intersection of Zeus’s Cutoff
Hikers/runners are allowed ONLY on Hwy 819 and along the fence  line on Kay’s Loop to Dorothy’s View

Kay’s Loop
No hikers/runners past Dorothy’s View
Skis and snowshoes only

Zeus’s Cutoff
No hikers/runners
Skis and snowshoes only

Eric’s Loop
Not groomed
No hikers/runners
Skis and snowshoes only

There is a tree down at the bottom of the first hill on Eric’s Loop (clockwise) in the aspen forest before the meadow. Tod didn’t have his chainsaw with him so he wasn’t able to clear it from the trail.

West Elk trail down tree 02-20-16



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