Saturday, January 23, 2016

West Elk fenceline 01_23_16

Sunny sky, warm temps in the mid-30’s and fresh snow made for a good day on the trails.  Lots of people out enjoying the trails today.  There was around a foot of new snow late this week so the early birds got plenty of powder.  Tod Tibbetts ran the groomer around Kay’s Loop and Hwy 819.  He also snowmobile packed Eric’s Loop and Zeus’s Cutoff.  All the trails have soft snow on top of a firm base.  Snow conditions are variable and can be a bit sticky in sunny areas in the woods.

Here is an easy way for trail users to help out whenever you visit the trails. We are getting so much snow so quickly that the stakes keep getting buried and knocked over by the groomer. If you are out on the trails and you notice buried or toppled stakes and posts, please rescue them and re-set them. The stakes are about 48 inches and the groomers like them sticking 30-36 inches out of the snow. So if you see stakes that only have 18 inches or less sticking out of the snow, then all you do is pull them out of the snow and re-set them close to their original spot, only sticking out higher. It’s really easy to do and helps out the groomers immensely. Thank you.

Happy Trails!!


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