Skijoring with Otzi and Elka

WEMUC member Jill McAlice enjoys skijoring the West Elk trails with her dogs Otzi [l] and Elka [r]

WEMUC member Jill McAlice enjoys skijoring on the West Elk trails with her beautiful dogs Otzi [l] and Elka [r]

By Jill McAlice

We ventured up on Sunday morning for our first skijoring outing of the season! The conditions couldn’t have been more perfect with new powder on the packed trail. The dogs absolutely love it! We arrived at 9:30 and were the first ones on the trail. It was such a treat!

Otzi is a perfect gentleman, and although Elka is a perfect dog to skijor with, she is challenging with other dogs on the trail. But the harnesses we use make it easier to step off trail and hold her to allow others to pass us. She’ll give me something to work on this season. I think she remembers the 3 loose dogs that jumped us last year. Ha! At least we didn’t run into anyone until we were almost back at the trailhead, and everyone was in control so there were no issues. Knowing how she reacts now, we’ll make it a point to either go early in the morning or later in the afternoon until we’ve had a chance to work more with her. Otzi could care less about other dogs or people, but she gets too focused on the dogs. Time for treats in my pocket!


Thanks Jill, for the great photo and sharing how much fun you and your dogs are having on the trails.
Dogs are welcome on the trails.
Remember to be courteous and keep your dogs under control when approaching other trail users. Please, no poop bags. Bury the poop or kick it off the trail. It’s no big deal.
The forest service does not allow trash cans up on West Elk. All trash must be packed out by trail users. 


Did you visit the trails recently? Did you take any photos?
Trail users are encouraged to send in winter fun reports, trail reports, and photos for posting on the blog.
Send to:


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