Greetings Winter Recreationists and Happy New Year!


From Bruce Kime, volunteer trail groomer

Snowshoed on Kay’s loop Monday and the trail is in fantastic shape. With the snow we are getting today they will be even better. Sweet!

Just a couple FYIs:

The Club loves having users on the trails; however, there are just a couple of trail etiquette considerations:

  1. When possible, if you are a snowshoer or hiker, please try to keep one set of ski tracks from getting tromped over. It’s much appreciated by the skiers. Yes, we can’t do much about our dogs tromping it out and we welcome them. Most of the other groomed trails in our area are not dog friendly.
  2. Please educate your friends on this and thanks for doing so.

I hate asking for money, but in this case it is really necessary. Please donate/join when you can and encourage your friends. We love to be “snow farmers” and keep the trails in top shape, with Mother Nature’s Blessing, and your contributions make the trail grooming possible. The WEMUC recently had a wonderful contribution from Holy Cross Energy, so Thanks Holy Cross!

The Club receives no financial help from the US Forest Service for trail maintenance; however, we do have a Special Use permit with the USFS to operate the trails. Thanks USFS!

Finally, if any of you know of any other local governments or businesses that may be interested in contributing to the sponsorship of the Club’s trail maintenance program, please contact Peggy Tibbetts or Bruce Kime:

As they say on KDNK, “Get out there (on the trails) and have some Fun!”
Cheers and Happy New Year!


Did you visit the trails recently? Did you take any photos?
Trail users are encouraged to send in winter fun reports, trail reports, and photos for posting on the blog.
Send to:


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