Powder day!

West Elk 12-25-15

Today was a powder day on the trails. Steady snowfall with 6 to 8 inches of accumulation. Temps rose to the mid-30s by midday and quickly dropped to 20 degrees as the wind whipped up in the afternoon.

Tod Tibbetts packed all the trails including Eric’s Loop with the Bearcat today. The trail is not marked on Eric’s but the trail is now obvious. The popular Zeus’s Cutoff is also packed. Tod will run the ginzugroomer again on Hwy 819 and Kay’s Loop after this snow event ends.

Enjoy the powder!

Caution_Grooming signVolunteers will be conducting grooming operations on all trails through the Christmas holiday weekend.  At any given time there may be up to 2 snowmobiles on the trails along with the ginzugroomer. The snow is soft and deep off the edges and it’s easy for our equipment to get stuck.

Stop. Look. Listen.

Please yield to snowmobiles, especially the Bearcat when it’s pulling the ginzugroomer. Step to the side, off the trail and let the equipment pass by. If you are in a group, please have everyone step to the same side and not both sides so there’s enough room for the equipment to pass by safely. Thank you!


Send checks or money orders to:

Peggy Tibbetts
WEMUC Secretary/Treasurer
PO Box 129
Silt, CO 81652

PayPal users send donations to: peggyt@siltnet.net
Choose the “gift” option and put “WEMUC donation” in the message box.

$30/individual — $50/couple


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