Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Trails are Very Fast

West Elk 2-7-15Trails are all groomed and track was set.

On Wednesday night about 3-4″ of high moisture snow fell.  Friday Master Groomer Eric Boley brought his grooming sled and tracker over from Eagle and ran all our trails.  He groomed Hwy 819, Kay’s Loop, Eric’s Loop and both Cut Off trails.  Then to top it off, he ran his track setter around all the trails as well.  Because of the high moisture snow, the trails set up firm last night so the surface is fast.  Skate skiers will love it and those that like a fast downhill ski, try Eric’s Loop going clockwise.  Metal edges are recommended and the hills are like Jimmy John’s — Freaky Fast.

We got some bad news this week about the VK snowmobile that pulls the Ginzugroomer. The techs at Rifle Truck & Trailer were unable to revive it and so sadly it has passed. We are mourning its loss because we are looking at $7,000+ to replace it.  We will be working on a fund raising effort after this season ends.

For the remainder of the season we will be snowmobile packing the trails as more snow comes.  When the trails need grooming, we will hire Eric Boley to come over from Eagle and groom trails as his schedule permits. He has a sled that can pull the groomer.


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