Donate today!

West Elk groomer 12-24-14Our VK snowmobile is the only machine that can pull the Ginzugroomer (as shown in photo). This week it’s in the shop for repairs for the second time this season. The last time the VK was in the shop (3 weeks ago), repairs cost $400.

Your donations are needed to help pay for those repairs. Please donate today!

Donations are down this season. But trail user numbers are way up! Here’s something to consider: If every trail user donated $25 we could afford to groom the trails and pay for newer machine to pull the Ginzugroomer. For the time being we need to keep our VK running.

Do you love the West Elk trails? Show your love and send your donation today!
Peggy Tibbetts, WEMUC Sec/Treas
PO Box 129
Silt, CO 81652

We need volunteers and another snowmobile driver. This season the bulk of the grooming is being done by Tod Tibbetts and Bruce Kime. We have funds set aside to pay a snowmobile groomer one day a week. Training and equipment are provided. If you are interested, or know of someone who is interested, please call Tod Tibbetts: 970-366-6857


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