Saturday, January 17, 2015

West Elk Zeus Cutoff 1-17-15

All the trails are open now.  Hwy 819, Kay’s Loop and Zeus’s Cutoff have been groomed. East Cutoff was opened and snowmobiled.  It needs to have some traffic on it and settle before it will be groomed. There had been around 8″ of fresh snow since last Saturday.  While it was sunny, the temps stayed in the mid-30’s so the snow is staying soft, except in areas that get full sun. Eric’s Loop has a good ski track in 4-6″ of soft snow.  The big tree over the trail on Eric’s Loop was cleared off the trail but that necessitated running the VK around once.  There is a snowmobile track on one side of the trial and soft snow on the other side.  The weather forecast for the next few days is more of the same.  The trails are in great shape and waiting for more snow.

Enjoy the sun, mild temps and fast trails.



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