Saturday, January 10, 2015

Mild Temps, Flat Light and Fast Snow

1_10_15As you can see in the photo above, with the clouds yesterday, the light was very flat.  There had been no new snow since last weekend and warm temps last week.  Tod Tibbetts ran the groomer around Hwy 819 and Kay’s to freshen the trail and flatten it out so it would be ready for the fresh snow in the forecast.  He also ran the snowmobile around Eric’s Loop and Zeus’s Cutoff to level that trail out as well in anticipation of running the groomer around them next week.  Bruce Kime snowshoed around James’s Loop so it has been tracked all the way around.  There is a big tree down over the road about half way down the Hwy 820 hill.  We’ll be getting that cut out next weekend.

The forecast is for some snow tonight and Sunday.  Some powder on top of the nicely groomed trails will make skiing or snowshoeing very pleasant.


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