December 30, 2014

West Elk Kays 12-30-14

Primo Trail conditions!!!  Thanks to the efforts of Art Dahl, Bruce Kime and Tod Tibbetts, today we were able to groom Hwy 819 and Kay’s Loop, get Eric’s Loop snowmobile packed and set markers on all the trails. Zeus’s Cutoff has been opened up with the powder sled so it’s passable, but still a bit rough.  The 3-4″ of freshies spread out nicely on the groomed trails so the surface is soft and even.  The temps were in the teens and the sun tried to break through the clouds a couple of times.  The colder weather makes for light, dry snow.  With the steady snow over the last couple of weeks, there is over 4 feet of snow off the trail in most places now.  Off trail is bottomless powder.

The trails are in excellent shape for the  long New Year’s weekend.  The forecast is for a bit more sun over the next few days.  Enjoy the fresh air and open spaces and great snow conditions.

Happy New Year!!!


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