Saturday, December 20, 2014

Just Enough Snow to Groom


With a crew of 4 volunteers today, we were able to run the ginzugroomer on both Hwy 819 and Kay’s Loop.  The snow is soft on top of a firm trail and the temps were in the mid to low 20’s so the snow conditions should remain the same for a while.  The forecast is for significant snow and wind over the next couple of days.  The trail is in great shape for early skiing.  There was enough snow so the grooming leveled the trail and covered the truck ruts on Hwy 819.  Both Kay’s and Hwy 819 are marked in the open areas so we can find the trail again if the forecast holds true.  Eric’s Loop has been skied and has a nice single track all the way around.  If possible, I may run the snow mobile around Eric’s on Sunday, but there is always quite a bit of trail leveling with a shovel that needs to be done on Eric’s before the ginzugroomer can be run around it.  James’ Loop has not been snowshoed yet.  If we do get significant snow Sunday or Monday, I am sure someone will open it up as a Christmas present.
Think Snow!!  Enjoy the winter weather on the Trail.


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