Friday, March 7, 2014

03_07_14_02Don’t be fooled by the weather in the Valley,
it is still Winter on the Trail!!

The trails got between 3 and 4 inches of new snow and with all the rain in the Valley, I was expecting heavy, sticky snow when we went up to groom today.  I was pleasantly surprised as the snow was great.  Todd Kupka ran the Ginzugroomer on Hwy 819, Kay’s Loop, Eric’s Loop and both Cut Off trails.  I shoveled the start of Hwy 819 where the big drifts had narrowed the trail.  The temps were in the high 20’s with light snow.  Tomorrow should be great with groomed trails and a light snow cover.

The photo on the left is the same location as the picture on the previous post so you can get an idea of the difference in the trail conditions.

Get out and enjoy the great conditions as the forecast is for increasing sunshine.  If you like the work the small group of dedicated volunteers are doing, please help us with a donation to off-set the cost of the new trailer.  Any amount is appreciated.  Volunteers donate 10 to 15 hours of their time each week to keep the trails open for your enjoyment.


Please donate to our Indiegogo fundraiser
Post the link on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
Ask your friends and family to support West Elk trails!

West Elk Multi-Use Club Grooming Fund



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