Friday, January 31, 2014

Posted On February 1, 2014

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No picture today as we spent all our time opening trails and grooming.  Thanks to Todd Kupka, groom master Eric Boley and Tod Tibbetts for all effort to get the trails in tip top shape.  Hwy 819 and Kay’s Loop have been ginzugroomed and ski tracked.  Eric’s Loop has been snowmobile packed.  There was at least 18″ of fresh, high moisture snow, but no wind.  Light snow was falling off and on during the day and temps were in the low 20’s. I would not be surprised if there is an inch of fresh stuff on the trails tomorrow.  Skiing will be great for the weekend.  Enjoy!

By the way, we “test drove” the trailer and with the ease of unloading and loading,
we had another half an hour for grooming.  Take a look below.

West Elk Multi-Use Club Grooming Fund



One Response to “Friday, January 31, 2014”

  1. Todd Kupka

    The recently acquired drive-on/drive-off snowmobile trailer has certainly made life easier for the groomers at West Elk Multi Use Club cross country ski trail network! Thanks to Art Dahl for locating the trailer and making it possible for us to acquire it! Thanks to all Tod and Peggy Tibbetts do to make this possible for all of us to enjoy! Thanks to Eric Boley for his professional grooming skills and equipment he has contributed! Thanks to Bruce Kime, Edgar Davidson, Brian Schwartz, and Art Dahl for their help grooming the trails! It has been a very successful year and the trails have been in great shape!

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