Saturday, January 18, 2014

Cutoff trail #1 is now Zeus's Cutoff

Cutoff trail #1 is now Zeus’s Cutoff

Hope you had a chance to get out on the trails today. Sunny skies and freshly groomed trails made for a great day on the snow.  Temps at the trailhead were in the low 30s. The snow stayed cold and soft all day making the trails fast and fun!

We have to give a shout out to Bruce Kime and Todd Kupka for the fantastic grooming job they did on Friday. Thank you guys. They are really getting good with the Ginzugroomer. The word “perfect” was uttered many times by many people on the trails today.

A few reminders —

Please, do not block the trailhead when you park. Groomers need the width of the Ginzugroomer (about 2 snowmobiles) to pass through and turn around. Plus we must have enough room for snowmobiles and sleds in case of emergency. Your cooperation is appreciated.

From the 3.5 mile marker sign on up, the Buford Road is snowpacked and slippery in spots, especially on those hairpin corners. There have been a lot of cars, trucks, and trailers in the ditch and over the side this year. Please, drive with caution. Slow and easy does it.

Snowshoers, if you see a ski track please do not walk on it. The groomers make the trails wide enough for everyone to enjoy!

Dog owners, please avoid using dog poop bags. If  you must use them, we appreciate you packing them out. The groomers prefer that you kick dog poop off the trail bury or bury it. It disappears and/or gets covered very quickly.

Above all, enjoy the trails!


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