January 11, 2014

Sorry, no photo today. The groomers were too busy shoveling and packing the trails.

Snow events over the past several days dumped 12 to 16 inches of new snow on the trails. Temps at the trailhead reached the low 30s today with partly cloudy skies and no wind.

Today’s grooming crew included Todd Kupka, Bruce Kime, and Edgar Davidson. Hwy 819 and Kay’s Loop have been groomed with the Ginzugroomer. The cutoff trails in the field were packed with snowmobiles as well as the section of Eric’s Loop from the first cutoff trail to Kay’s Loop. Eric’s Loop has not been packed yet. As of today no skiers or snowshoers had broken trail either.

The  Hwy 820 egress toward the cow cabin on James’s Loop was packed with the snowmobile, too. As of today no one had broken trail on James’s Loop.

Thank you Todd, Bruce, and Edgar for a great job today! That’s a lot of deep snow grooming!


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