January 4, 2014

20140104_130307We have the best grooming team! Thank you Todd Kupka, Bruce Kime, Brian Schwarz, and Tod Tibbetts. You guys are doing an outstanding job!

Today Todd Kupka ran the Ginzugroomer around Hwy 819 and Kay’s Loop. He and Brian Schwarz put out stakes and posts. Bruce Kime shoveled the big dips and trouble spots along Eric’s Loop. Tod Tibbetts packed Hwy 820, the back egress to James Loop (take the Buford Rd and stay to the right).

It was blustery and snowy at the trailhead today with temps between 10 and 14 degrees plus a wind chill. The trails got about 3 inches on top of 4-6 inches around New Years. We left the powder on Eric’s Loop.


In Memoriam

photo304Zeus Tibbetts
November 1, 2000 – January 4, 2014

You know him as the dog in the brochure welcoming your dog to the West Elk trails

Zeus King of Winter


3 Responses to “January 4, 2014”

  1. Melody Baker

    I’m sorry about Zeus. 😦

    Thanks for all you do.

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. John M Leybourne

    Sorry to hear about Zeus…….

  3. Jeanne Huyser

    Thanks to you, Peggy, and the dedicated Club members, the West Elk trail has become a new “favorite” place to commune with nature! I only wish we had met up while your partner, Zeus, was still with us……I’ve enjoyed reading about his sweet soul, in your book, your blog and photos at the dog park, etc. May 2014 bring you and Tod only good things!

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