The Ginzugroomer is back!

20131221_154230After a season on hiatus, a leaner lighter Ginzugroomer returns to the West Elk trails. In it’s previous condition the Ginzugroomer was just too heavy for our trails and required too much trail preparation in order to run it. We just don’t have the volunteers to run snowmobiles enough times. So last summer Todd Kupka stripped off the heavy parts and took it back up to the trail today. He ran it around Hwy 819 and Kay’s Loop , which makes a wide and smooth trail surface.

Hwy 819 and Kay’s Loop are in perfect condition.

The plan is to do Eric’s Loop eventually but more work needs to be done to prepare the trail surface on the tight corners and near the pond berm on the long hill.

Because of the trail work Eric Boley did on Eric’s Loop on Friday, that trail is in excellent condition.

We thank Todd Kupka, Bruce Kime, and Tod Tibbetts for trail grooming today.  There will be no trail grooming on Sunday, December 21.

Today at the trailhead temps were in the high teens about 16 to 17 degrees, with light winds and snow flurries. The forecast remains about the same for Sunday.

About 100 people have used the trails since they opened two weeks ago.

Donate today! It takes a lot of volunteer hours and a lot of money to keep these trails open.

Send your donations to:
Peggy Tibbetts
WEMUC Sec/Treas
PO Box 129
Silt, CO 81652


4 Responses to “The Ginzugroomer is back!”

  1. Vanessa Ivy

    Hi Peggy – the trail looks gorgeous!! Thanks to all of you!! It has been awhile since I have been up there and I am wondering – are all the ‘loops’, such as Kay’s Loop true ‘loops’ or do you snow shoe out and turn around and come back? Just curious – thank you!!
    V Ivy

  2. Peggy Tibbetts

    Yes all of the trails are true loops, except for the cutoffs in the field. I fixed the broken link to the trail map. Try this:

  3. Vanessa Ivy

    Thank you for fixing the link – do you know the length mile wise for Kay’s Loop? Eric’s Loop? Thank you!!

  4. Peggy Tibbetts

    I have it written down somewhere but can’t locate it right now. However Hwy 819 to Kay’s and around Kay’s Loop and back on Hwy 819 takes about one hour. Taking Eric’s Loop makes for about a 2 hour ski or snowshoe. Depends on how much you stop.

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