Alumni fly-by grooming!

happy solstice

Eric Boley's sled and pull behind tracker

Eric Boley’s sled and pull behind tracker

Tis a Winter  Solstice miracle! Our dear friend and namesake of Eric’s Loop, MASTER GROOMER Eric Boley performed an alumni fly-by grooming on Friday. He even set a track. The trails are in EXCELLENT condition now!

Hwy 819, Kay’s Loop and Eric’s Loop have all been groomed and tracked. Check this out —

photo 3

Eric’s Loop is tracked!

A shout out to Eric and a great big THANK YOU! It’s good to have friends.

Eric and Donna Boley are founding members of WEMUC. Eric groomed the trails for years and years. When Tod and Peggy Tibbetts took over trail management they named his favorite loop named after him. Without volunteers like Eric and Donna, there would be no West Elk trail system. The Boleys moved to Eagle a couple years ago, however they are lifetime club members and still keep in touch. Eric is involved with youth cross country skiing and trail grooming in the Eagle/Vail area.

Eric also packed the entrance and exit trails (the groomers call them egresses) to and from James Loop. Bruce Kime broke trail on James Loop last Saturday. Snowshoers can give their legs a good workout and help keep James Loop open. It’s about a 3 to 3.5- hour trek on snowshoes. It’s a lot easier now because the egresses on both ends are machine packed.

Groomers will be on the trail Saturday afternoon setting and packing the cutoff trails in the field. They will also be setting more stakes today. Trail signs are not yet posted because the snow isn’t deep enough to set the sign posts.

We thank ALL of our volunteers for their hard work and commitment!

As always dogs and kids and sleds are welcome. Please pull the sleds on the trail and go free sledding off the trail to avoid collisions with other trail users. Also we prefer skis and snowshoes on the trail — avoid walking in boots only.

Again, use extra caution while driving on the Buford Road. Freezing and thawing conditions have created icy corners and patches, especially between the summit parking lot and the 3.5  mile marker.

Get out and enjoy the trails this Winter Solstice weekend!


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