Saturday, April 13, 2013

The End of Grooming for the 2012-13 Season

End of Season 4_10_13

Taking stakes down was a multi-day event this year.  Art Dahl started it off on Friday, 4/5 by gathering and piling the stakes on Eric’s Loop.  Then Saturday, 4/6, Tod and Peggy Tibbetts gathered and piled the stakes on Hwy 819, Kay’s Loop and the Cut-off Trails.  The snow got too soft by mid-day to run the snowmobile on the trail to pick up all the stake piles.  With the cold snap and fresh snow early last week, on Wednesday, 4/10, Todd Kupka and Tod Tibbetts were able to run the snowmobiles on all the trails to pick up the piles of stakes.

For those of you that are still up for a ski or snowshoe, the base is still between a foot and 3 feet.  With the warm temps two weeks ago and then the cold snap last week, the base is solid so you can go almost anywhere in the woods or meadows.  With the longer days now, any place that gets direct sunlight are melting fast when it’s warm and the sunny spots on the trail have bare ground next to them and the packed snow on the trail is receeding fast.

This was a busy year on the trail with a record number of users.  Thanks for all the financial support from the contributinng members.  Your contributions have made it possible for all the users to enjoy the trails.  Many thanks to the volunteers that gave their time for grooming the trails this year.  Having the funds to operate the grooming equipment is essential, but if it weren’t for the volunteers that actually groom and maintain the trails, no one could experience the trails as they were this year.  Next season, please consider giving a couple hours of your time helping out.


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