Saturday, 1/5/2013

Posted On January 6, 2013

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Erics_01_05_13Sun, Soft Snow and Packed Trails Make an Enjoyable Day

The groomers were busy yesterday and today getting all the trails in great shape.  Steve King and Chad Prokop spent Friday leveling spots on Kay’s Loop with shovels.  That shoveling prepared the trail for the snowmobile packing and finishing that Art Dahl and Tod Tibbetts did today.  Bruce Kime worked on James’s Loop and the Meadow Cut-off trails putting up markers.  With all this good work, all the trails are packed and marked.

This picture is one of the hills on Eric’s Loop.  It is all snowmobile packed and in great shape.  Because the snow has been cold, it is nice and soft on the top surface of the trail.

With temps reaching close to 30 degrees on the trails today, it was a pleasant day to be out and the around 20 people who were out enjoying the trails today can testify to that.

The weather forecast is for dry and warmer with the possibility of snow mid-week.  Get out and enjoy the super conditions.


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