Sunday, December 23

Merry Christmas!

Bruce Kime was able to snowshoe all of James’s Loop today. He and Melissa DeHaan started breaking trail on Saturday then turned back because the snow was too deep. Bruce returned today and finished breaking trail all the way around — thanks to Melissa’s help on Saturday, several elk trails, and a random act of kindness from someone who snowmobiled Forest Service Road 820 (it wasn’t Tod). Bruce says, “Great snow conditions!”  He sent this photo of James’s Loop. Rugged and beautiful. Thank you Bruce and Melissa!

James's Loop 12-22-12

chicken's feet 12-23-12

Tod and Peggy set stakes on most of Kay’s Loop today, but ran out at the triangle before the big hill so will finish another day.

Attention snowshoers and skiers:

You can help out the grooming crew by snowshoeing and skiing the edges of the trail. This helps to widen, level, and pack the trail. And it’s something you can easily do to help out while you are out enjoying the trail. Lots of folks are out using the trails but we noticed most people are skiing and snowshoeing in the same track. Over time this will cause the trail to be dished instead of level and ruts will eventually develop. In case you haven’t heard, we will not be running the Ginzugroomer on the trails this year, which was how we leveled the trail in the past. We will be packing the trails with snowmobiles only. So we’re going to need everyone’s help to keep the trails wide and level. These are your trails. Please do what you can to help. Together we can keep the trails in great shape. Many thanks!


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