Saturday, March 24, 2012

Get Your Skiing While It Lasts

The warm weather and lack of snow has taken its toll on the trail, especially from the start of Hwy 819 to where the ginzugroomer was parked.  This is the worst section of the trail and it getting narrow.  On Hwy 819 after where the ginzugroomer was parked is better.  The ginzugroomer was run on Hwy 819 and Kay’s loop for the last time this season.  For as warm as it has been, Kay’s loop is in good shape and the grooming smoothed the trail out nicely.  Eric’s loop was a pleasant ski today as well, but a couple areas that get full sunshine have melted to ground at the trail edges and will probably expose short sections of dirt on the trail with a couple more sunny, warm days.
This is a pitcure of the parking lot and the start of the trail.  Unfortunately, it is muddy at the start of the trail, but large areas of the parking lot are dry.

Next week we will be pulling up trail marking stakes while we still can get a snowmobile around the trail.  Because the snow around the trail has settled so much, even without our trail marking stakes, the trail bed will stand out for those that want to enjoy a late season ski.


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