Sunday, March 11,2012

Sunshine, Supburb Trail and Snow Art

An energetic artist, or artists wove a striking snow sculpture in the hill side along Hwy 819.  The massive display compliments the surroundings and pays tribute to the Spring Sun.

Art Dahl and Todd Kupka did a great job of grooming yesterday so the trails were a pleasure to ski.  With the cold nights, the trails are firm and crisp , but as the sun shines on the trails, they soften.  By late afternoon, if the breeze stays light, the snow even softens in the shade.  The hills are fast, and if in the shade, the surface wil be firm.  Clockwise on Eric’s loop has the steaper hills, while going counter-clockwise has hills that are a bit more gradual.  Either way, use caution and control your speed.


The snow is good for doing all sorts of activities.  This snow guy is hanging out soaking up the sun and the beautiful views.


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