Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lots of fresh snow and blowing snow

With all the wind and blowing snow, it is hard to say how much fresh snow the trail got last week.  There was plenty to groom and the wind and blowing snow in the meadow covered the trail as qiuckly as we packed it.  The snow is great in the woods and the trail is firm and soft on top.

All the trails, Hwy 819, Kay’s loop and Eric’s loop, have been ginzugroomed. Thanks to Bruce Kime, Art Dahl, Tod and Peggy Tibbetts for the trail work today.  The wind and the deep snow made grooming a challenge, but they were able to get all the main trails packed and groomed.

One thing you can do to help is straighten any trail markers you might see that are either getting burried, or leaning over.  Just pull them up and stick them back in straight.  We have had enough snow so the markers need to be raised.

James’ loop has not been tracked yet and it will be a great winter wilderness hike frore the first to take the hike.


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