Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sunshine and a firm trail make for
a fast track.

With cold nights and no new snow, the trail has firmed up.  The surface is not glazed, so fishscales or the appropriate wax make for a fast ski.  All the trails have been packed and are in good shape.  This week the electrical issue that prevented setting ski tracks will be resolved.  With the ginzugroom working properly, we can groom and set track on Hwy 819, Kay’s loop and the meadow cutoff trails.  This will probably happen next Saturday.  Fresh snow next week would be nice, but the snow that we currently have is in great shape and the surface of the trails can be rejuvinated with a weekly giznugrooming.

Bruce Kime, Melissa Dehaan and K9 companions snowshoed James’ loop today so it has a path tracked out now.  Snowmobiles were run at the start off Hwy 819 and on Hwy 820 to near the cow camp.  It’s a fun snow hike in the woods with the current conditions.



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