Saturday, January 28, 2012

Lots of people out today enjoying the fresh snow and sunshine

The trail got another foot of snow during the week.  Hwy 819 and Kay’s loop were ginzugroomed and Eric’s was snowmobile packed.  The Arctic Cat powder sled broke down on Eric’s loop and we made a bit of a mess in an unsuccessful attempt to try to tow it back to the trail head.  We may just move it to the side of the trail and leave it there to have a nice place to sit for a break.

Thanks to Bruce Kime and Bruce and Betty Collins for their help grooming today. With all the fresh snow all us groomers got a workout.  Next week we’ll be doing some more shoveling to level some bad spots on Eric’s loop and groom Hwy 819 and Kay’s loop again.  The electrical system has been out on the groomer sled, so we have not been able to lower the ski track setter.  That is supposed to be fixed this week, so we hope to set ski track next Saturday.

The fresh snow and the latest grooming efforts have gotten the trail back into great shape.  Enjoy!! 


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