Sunday, January 8, 2012

Posted On January 8, 2012

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From Bruce Kime —

I can add to Kay’s snow report, as I skied 819, Kay’s Loop to Eric’s Loop, then Eric’s. The new snow really helped to freshen up the conditions. The trails I skied were good for the most part, but there are still a few rough spots that skiers need to be aware of. Mainly they are at the bottom of hills with curves/bends, so skiers should try to check their speed. Some of these corners have “run outs” if you miss the turn. Otherwise the skiing was great. On my waxable skis, starting about 10:30 am, and I used blue with a short kicker of blue extra, and I had excellent grip.

One other thing that would be helpful to users on skis is for folks on snowshoes to walk to the side of one set of ski tracks on the trail whenever possible. Snowshoe tracks to the side of ski tracks are helpful to skiers on downhill sections, as the extra trail width makes snow-plowing to check speed easier. Just a thought.

From Peggy —

Bruce is right. In these conditions, snowshoers can actually help pack the trail but we need that packing on the trail edges. Also, brush up on Snowshoe Etiquette on Groomed Trails

In other news, driving on groomed trails is getting to be a problem this season:  Forest Service warns against winter trail abuse

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2 Responses to “Sunday, January 8, 2012”

  1. Jackie Durrett

    I went up to WEMUC today (1-12-12) with a group of friends. The conditions were great and we had a really fun time. Thanks for all the work you do to keep the trails in such good shape, especially this year with so little snow. Jackie Durrett

  2. Peggy Tibbetts

    Thanks for the update Jackie. Glad your group had fun. Each season presents its own unique challenges. I’m convinced the snow will come. Spread the word!

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