Saturday, December 31, 2011 Happpy New Year!!!

Posted On January 1, 2012

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It’s winter at 9000′

Today it was in the low 20’s and windy on the trail.  It has been cold all week, so the snow cover on the trail is holding up well.  The grooming crew covered most of the bare spots and shoveled as much snow as we could find at Dorthoy’s View so there is still a good single track in that sunny spot.  All the parties out on the trail today were smiling behind their cold weather atire.

Thanks to Art Dahl, the Collins famliy – Bruce, Betty, Ben and Jackie – for shoveling, putting up stakes and enjoying a sunny day on the trail.  With the excellent work done today, the trail will hold up to the forecast of no snow for another week.  Bruce Kime and Mellisa DeHaan went around James’ loop today.  They reported lots of wildlife activity with the thin snowpack. 

Because of the hard snow on the trail, all the hills are fast.  I would recommend going counter-clockwise around Eric’s loop for the most control.  If you like the speed, I’d suggest you go clockwise, the hills are a bit rough, but if you have metal edges, the surface gives lots of control and the steeper hills are a thrill.

Happy New Years to all.


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