Saturday, December 17, 2011

All things considered,
the trail is in great shape.

With only a coupe inches of fresh snow this week, I did not run any equipment on the trail.  Hwy 819 it a bit rough, and has a couple of bare spots.  Kay’s loop is packed wide and has one narrow section at Dorothy’s view.  Eric’s loop has been packed, but is narrow and has some hazards along the way.  James’ loop has not been tracked yet and there are reports of some downed trees.  If anyone hikes James’ loop, let me know the condition and if we need to do any tree clearing.  When we get appropriate snow depth, we’ll take a trip around James’ loop to clear and mark it.

With the firm base and the light dusting of snow, the skiing was great today.  I made fresh tracks almost all the way around Eric’s loop ’til I met a couple coming the other way.  The widllife have been enjoying the packed trail and it seemed like all the forest critters had been out for a walk on the trail in the last few days.  I won’t be running any equipment on the trial until we get at least 6″ of snow.  The trail will hold up well until new snow comes.  Enjoy the sunshine and blue skys.


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