Saturday, December 10

 Just because you can
 doesn’t mean you should.

The trail is in good early shape in spite of the lack of snow.  Kay’s loop has been packed and is a good ski with a few thin spots and small hazards.  Eric’s loop has been tracked with a snowmobile twice, so it’s skiiable, but the hills are fast and there are a few hazards.

Unfortunately a truck with chains on the tires decided to drive down Hwy 819 all the way to Kay’s loop and tore the trail up in a number spots.  There are also some bare spots and rough areas.  We will need a big snow dump to fill the ruts in the worst spots.  As always with early conditons, ski with caution.

There is a great base on the trail, but we won’t be doing any more grooming until there is more snow.  Thanks to Bruce Kime for helping with the trail work today.  It’s people pitching in that improves the conditions on the trail.  If you are able to help on any weekend, please let Tod know by e-mailing or calling 970-876-2196.


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