Spring 2011 Newsletter


Very Special Thanks!

The 2010/2011 ski season was truly amazing on the West Elk trails. We thank all WEMUC members, however there are a few outstanding members who actually made it all happen. Very special thanks go out to —

Ginzugroomer Master Anthony Benham
Groomers:  Eric Boley  & Tod  Tibbetts
Trailworkers: Karen Johnson & Jimmy Benham, and Peggy Tibbetts

National Trails Day event cancelled

The National Trails Day event sponsored by the White River National Forest Rifle Ranger District which was scheduled for June 4, has been cancelled due to heavy snowpack — over 10 feet! — in the high country. Most likely the snow will not be gone from the upper sections of the     Mansfield Ditch Trail by then.

If you are interested in working on the bike trail during the summer, please contact Tod Tibbetts: 876-2196

Good news and bad news

The good news is we had a great ski season on the West Elk trails!

The bad news is Eric & Donna Boley moved to Eagle County. Eric – of Eric’s Loop fame – has been packing our trails with his powder busting snow machine for more than 5 years. We will miss him!

It will take at least two more volunteers to replace him. Tod and Anthony won’t be able to manage grooming operations alone. They will need your help. We desperately need volunteers to learn how to pack trails with a snowmobile. We have the equipment and we will train you. Please call Tod Tibbetts to sign up for the 2011-12 season! Call 876-2196

We need volunteers!

Last season no one volunteered to help with shoveling to level the trail. Trail shoveling involves no more than an hour of scraping and moving snow off sections of the trail, especially by Dorothy’s View. Leveling the trail makes running the Ginzugroomer safer for the drivers.

Due to the total lack of volunteer help we have decided that next season we will no longer run the Ginzugroomer on Eric’s Loop. Instead we will pack it with snowmobiles. Hwy 819, Kay’s Loop, and Anthony’s Maze will be groomed according to the number of volunteers available.

We have future plans for a sledding hill and approval from the Forest Service but we can’t make it happen without volunteers.

Can we run a cross country ski trail system with $3700?

To start off every ski season, before we can even open the trails, we are required to pay $700 in liability insurance. Then in January, the snowmobile on loan from Anthony died. The club had to replace it with a used machine at a cost of $1600. Plus we had to buy another trailer for $350. Maintenance alone on the snowmobiles, not including gas, was $1265 for the season. That all adds up to almost $4000, not including fuel costs or trail marking supplies.

To date we have 117 individual members. Last season, only 41 members donated.  Garfield County gave us a grant for $3000 and we took in only $700 in member donations.

So the answer is no. We can’t run a cross country trail system with $3700. We  desperately need your donations to keep West Elk Multi-Use Club going. This is your trail system. Are you willing to support it?

Send your donation today!

PO Box 129
Silt, CO 8652


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