Saturday, April 9, 2011

One more Snowstorm ends the grooming season on the trail.

Last Ride for th Groomers

The stakes have been pulled from the trail, but the snow depth is amazing.  It is spring snow, but it just keep coming.  Today, while Eric and Anthony were loading the Ginzugroomer and Tod and Peggy were picking up trail markers, it snowed 3″ with more on the way.

The base if very firm, but the snow is warm and sticky.  On a sunny day, the skiing will be great for a few more weeks.

This season we had packed or groomed trail from Thanksgiving ‘ til the 3rd week in March.  We had planned on a 16 week grooming season and got 18 weeks!  There were 3 groomers working to keep the trails up.  Unfortiunately, one of the groomers won’t be available next season.  We need two more groomers to be able to provide the same level of grooming for next year.  If you enjoy the trail, have a couple hours a week to play in the snow, and want to drive a snowmobile around in the woods, call Tod Tibbetts @ 970-876-2196, or drop me an e-mail at todt@siltnet.

Where'd the Trail Go


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