Saturday, February 26, 2011

From Tod:

Winter Wonderland
Like last week, there appears to be 6 to 10″ of fresh snow.  Lots of drifting in the open areas.  Eric ran his powder snowmobile early in the day to break open all the ski trails and then I ran the packing snowmobile late in the day.  All the ski trails are snowmobile packed.  When the snow and wind stops, we’ll be able to run the Ginzugroomer on Kay’s loop.  Eric’s loop will need a few hours of shoveling before the Ginzugroomer can be run on it.  If anyone can help on next Saturday for an hour or less, please give me a call at 970-876-2196.

Even with the snowmobile packing, the snow on the trail is soft.  It was still cloudy and snowy at the end of the dau today, so there might be a layer of powder on the packed trail.  Sunshine is forcast for early in the week.  Fresh snow and sunshine, it’s a great combination.


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