Thursday, December 23, 2010

West Elk from Grass Valley

Wow, what a contrast! The first picture is Grass Valley from the road by Harvey Gap. The second picture was taken after 4 hours of trail work by Tod, Eric, and Anthony and 3 snowmobiles. The trail has gotten about 3 feet of heavy, moist snow during the week. It settled to about 2 feet that was packed by snowmobile.  Anthony was able to take the Ginzugroomer around Kay’s Loop and in the first big meadow on Hwy 819. Eric’s loop has been snowmobile packed and all the trees knocked down by the heavy snow have been removed from the trail. Eric ran a snowmobile on James’ Loop from the parking lot, down FR 820, to the cow camp and back. He can attest to the snow depth.  Many thanks to Anthony, Eric and Tod for opening the trail up today and getting the Ginzugroomer in action for the season. It’s full on winter up at the trail and it’s ready for Winter Holiday activities.

Merry Christmas!!

Cutoff Trail from Eric's Loop to Hwy 819

Kay's Loop


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