Wednesday, December 22

From Peggy Tibbetts –

Pat Thrasher’s comment brought up a couple issues that should be addressed in a post rather than comment reply.

Buford Road conditions

This past weekend was the first time we encountered unplowed road conditions. Usually the road has not been a problem. We always go up in a 4WD vehicle however we will try to remember to include road conditions in our posts. We also rely on our members to let us know what they encounter when they go up to the trails. As a rule of thumb it’s best to remember that you are driving up to an altitude of about 9,000 plus feet, therefore variable conditions exist and it’s best to be prepared for anything. Conditions change constantly.

Ginzugroomer and trail grooming

We consider the trails “groomed” when they have been gone over with a snowmobile several times. Perhaps to avoid confusion we should refer to the trails as “packed” with the snowmobile and “groomed” with the ginzugroomer. I’ll discuss that with the grooming team. As for the ginzugroomer — which is the piece of equipment that sets a track — there had not been enough snow to bring the ginzugroomer up to the trail. And we need a trailer plus 3 men to arrange their schedules to haul it up there. Tod Tibbetts, Eric Boley and Anthony Benham are planning to do that on Thursday, December 23. If all goes well, Anthony will set a track on Thursday and we will post that on the blog. However that depends on how much packing and shoveling needs to be done. I’m sure there’s more snow on the trail again since Sunday and it was piling up then.

If you would like to volunteer to help with trail preparations on Thursday, please call Tod Tibbetts: 876-2196

Trail preparation is key to making the best use of the ginzugroomer. That type of groomer is designed for use on a relatively flat trail. Because our trails are hilly and have several hairpin turns, Anthony has consulted with professional groomers for advice on preparing the trails. Those areas have to fill in with snow naturally or be shoveled in order to make a level surface for the groomer to pass over without slipping sideways or getting stuck.

So to put it bluntly, as soon as it stops snowing long enough and we engage enough volunteers to pack and shovel the trail, Anthony can start running the ginzugroomer. And we will post that on the blog.

If you go up to the trails and would like to report weather, road, or trail conditions, please use the comment section or send an email to me, Peggy ( and I will post it.


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