Monday, December 6

We were up on the trail Sunday, December 5, but I was too tired to post last night. So I’m a day late.

As of yesterday, much work has been done on the trail.  We thank Tod Tibbetts, Anthony Benham, Karen Johnson, and Eric Boley for making excellent early season trail conditions.

Trail groomers l to r: Tod Tibbetts, Karen Johnson, and Anthony Benham

The gate on Kay’s Loop has been unlocked and Eric groomed the trail with his snowmobile. A few stakes have been put out wherever the depth of snow allowed them to be set. We need more snow before we can resume grooming operations. There is a 12-inch base on all trails. However early season conditions still exist which includes hazards along the trails. Some melting occurred on Sunday therefore icy conditions may exist in open areas.  Please use caution!

Attention Christmas tree cutters: Please do not drive vehicles or snowmobiles on the groomed trails. Please avoid walking on the groomed ski trails.


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