Autumn 2010 Newsletter

October 2, 2010, Peggy and Tod hiked Kay's Loop and Eric's Loop checking for fallen trees and limbs.

WEMUC Annual Meeting October 26

The West Elk Multi-Use Club Annual Meeting will be held on October 26, 2010, at the Silt Town Hall (231 N 7th Street), at 7:00 p.m.

Executive Director Tod Tibbetts will conduct a short business   meeting. We will also have a groomers meeting and a chance to get together to talk about winter and summer trails activities. Members’ ideas and suggestions are welcome.

Members of the Board of Directors are urged to attend. They are Kay Robinson, Eric Boley, Yvonne Chambers, James Fletcher, Karen Johnson, Anthony Benham, and Peggy Tibbetts.
Hope to see you there!

Renew your membership today!

Mansfield ditch trail update

The Mansfield Ditch Trail has been mostly cleared of brush from top to bottom. Nearly 20 people worked on the bottom section (off Buford Road) on National Trails Day. During the summer, volunteers cleared a 2-mile section of trail that is overgrown and almost impassable. October 8 & 9 (Friday & Saturday), the Forest Service has tentatively scheduled a work party to clear the remaining overgrown section. We hope to clear all the brush so the trail will be passable again. A few other rough spot need some dirt work and/or drainage. Once the worst of the brush is cleared, just a couple more work sessions next spring will make the trail passable again.

Big thanks to all who helped out,  especially Anthony Benham for all his hard work and dedication to bike trails. If you can help October 8 or 9, please contact Tod Tibbetts at 876-2196 or email:

There is a large aspen down on the hill on Kay's Loop. The tree has been sawed in half, but more clearing still needs to be done.

Help Wanted: Volunteer Groomers

The new grooming equipment and consistent grooming efforts dramatically increased trail usage last winter. Feedback from users was very positive about trail conditions. We look forward to another great year. Anthony Benham and Tod Tibbetts will head up the grooming efforts again. They need volunteers who will commit a few mornings each month to groom trails. Grooming consists of running a snowmobile around the trail to pack the fresh snow and some snow moving to level the trail in certain areas.

We also need volunteers on snowshoes to pack James’ Loop on a regular basis. Trail grooming is easy to learn. It’s also a fun and rewarding experience. Plus you get the pleasure of skiing a freshly groomed trail when you’re finished.

There will be a groomers meeting right after the WEMUC Annual Meeting at the Silt Town Hall on Tuesday, October 26, at 7:00 p.m.    If you’re interested in joining our groomers team, or have any questions, please call Tod Tibbetts at 876-2196. Or email:

All things considered -- like windstorms -- the trails are in very good condition. More clearing needs to be done on the long hill and on the west side of the gully on Eric's Loop.

Map Brochures Available for Distribution

We have a colorful new brochure and map, printed on weatherproof paper. The map brochures will be in the box at the trailhead when the trail opens. We have more brochures  available for broad distribution. If you can help distribute them, please contact Peggy Tibbetts:


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